Свадебное платье Licor 2006Свадебное платье Licor 2006Свадебное платье Licor 2006Свадебное платье Licor 2006
Wedding Dress Licor 2006
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Wedding Dress Licor 2006

  • Fit and Flare
  • As pictured
  • Yes
  • Long
  • 28 days
  • Size table
Price: €559.99
Price: €559.99

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  • Fit and Flare
  • Licor Amor de Novia
  • As pictured
  • Yes
  • Long
  • Yes
  • 28 days
  • Licor, Ukraine


  • Mioara 22.03.2022, 10:31
    Buna ziua, sunt interesata de aceasta rochie
    Este posibil sa o fac cu masirile mele?
  • Patricia Camoes 30.12.2020, 16:41
    HI. I'm very interested on this dress for my wedding. Is it possible to do it with my own measures?
    What s the type of material?
    • Andrey 30.12.2020, 17:53
      Patricia, yes, sure. It's crepe+lace
  • Marlena 23.05.2020, 08:50
    Dzień dobry, jak dokładnie zmierzyć takie wymiary jak:

    "Długość wyrobu:

    Długość gorsetu:"

    Boję się że coś źle wymierzę.

    • Andrey 23.05.2020, 11:33
      Marlena, W przypadku tej sukienki nie musisz podawać wymiarów. Wystarczy wskazać swój wzrost i wysokość pięty.
  • Kinga 07.04.2020, 09:49
    Dzień dobry, proszę o informację jak długa jest sukienka bo ja mam 165 cm. Czy koronka jest rozciągliwa? Zazwyczaj nosze rozmiar 36/38 i nie wiem, ktorą wybrać. Pozdrawiam
    • Andrey 07.04.2020, 10:14
      Kinga, sukienka od pachy do podłogi 135 cm. Koronka nie rozciąga się

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  • Anna 25.09.2020, 15:38
    I have a wonderful experience purchasing my wedding dress at this store. I needed my dress to be done in a few days due to the short space of time ad the Wedboom undertook a challenge with stunning effect! The customer service is extraordinary, I was texting with a very helpful employee on the What's up who was helping me out and was with me in touch during the whole procedure.
    My dress has been done (tailored on my measurements) in several days and sent to Denmark so I got it in one week!
    The dress has high quality, beautiful neat lace and it's looking exactly like on the pictures. I forgot to add that my dress was having a really decent price, definitely affordable!
    I couldn't dream of a better wedding dress!
    I recommend to all of you Wedboom it's a very reliable company!

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